Oriented to Thoracic Transplant Recipients -- April 1997

The UPBEAT! Archive


At the conclusion of the recent UpBeat questionnaire on the lives of heart and lung transplant recipients there was a question: "If l had one wish that would be granted to make life easier for heart/lung transplant recipients, it would be:"

The actual first questionnaire I reviewed answered with, "I would wish to offer my prayers for the recipient."

Some of the other answers were obviously expected such as, "No medications be required," yet others were rather surprising and covered a very wide range of the patient' s view of transplantation. After reviewing the list and attempting to establish some very organized neat presentation, it appeared much easier and effective to just list the "wishes" as they were taken off the questionnaires, and limiting very similar thoughts to one entry on said list.

If I had one wish for heart/lung transplant recipients it would be: